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Student's Services

AISS offers an array of support services to all students to guarantee academic success including students counseling, learning support services class mentors and career path services.

Students Counseling
American International School offers a full time counseling service for all students. The elementary and high school counselor is available to meet with parents and students to discuss educational, personal and developmental issues and to coordinate assistance with the Principal.

This is to assist students with academic and personal problems and provide career information and guidance. The counselor is directly responsible for a student's school records and will discuss them with students and parents upon request. Consultations with the counselor are confidential unless the student gives permission to involve others.

Learning Support Services
Learning support services are available for selected students who, in spite of their best efforts, struggle academically.

In order to be eligible for AISS, a student referral is submitted to the learning support teacher for review by the student's study team. Information will be gathered about the student through teacher and parent observation, in-house diagnostic assessment or an outside referral for testing. Following the referral process, the student study team will determine whether the student qualifies for learning support services.

The learning support services available at AISS are limited in scope and depth. In general, students may receive tutoring for writing, reading and math assignments up to one hour per day.

Class Mentor

In the Middle School, each class is assigned two faculty class mentors. All class business and activities must have a mentor's approval before consideration for final approval by the Principal. Class meetings constitute an opportunity to foster a spirit of cohesiveness amongst class members. The class meeting system provides opportunities for teachers to intervene positively in support of students.

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