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American International School is an independent coeducational day school founded in 2007. We provide an American-based curriculum taught in the English language for eligible students of all nationalities. AISS is in the process of being accredited with the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. . It is also partnering with George Washington University while providing online courses and resources for faculty and staff in Pakistan.

  Admission to AISS is granted to prospective students based upon the following criteria:
• The child's age, previous schooling, English language proficiency, and learning achievement
• The student's ability to meet AISS's academic and behavioral standards
• The school's ability to meet any special learning needs of the student
• The parent's and/or organization's capacity to pay registration and school fees
• The consideration for a parent's temporary assignment in Lahore
• The student's requirement for an American education
• The school's ability to meet the needs of the student in the development of English language skills and acquisition

Age Requirement
The minimum age for admission into the preschool program is three years of age before August 1st of the school year for which the child is to be enrolled.

Many factors are taken into consideration for students applying for admission to different Grades including age, previous school records, number of school years and the student's ability and needs. The Principal's decision is final in all matters of grade placement.

Immunization Requirement
Parents are required to submit written documentation of their child's immunization and inoculation records at the time of enrollment. A full list of these requirements can be found on the school health card under "enrollment forms."

New Student Admission Timeline
AISS has no cutoff date for receiving applications for admission. Applications for enrollment may be considered at any time of the year.

Special Needs Students
AISS has limited services for students with special needs. Applicants with special needs will be reviewed to determine the appropriateness of admission, based upon their ability to succeed in the standard curriculum in a normal classroom setting. Parents are required to provide all relevant information and records at the initial contact with the school.

While we are always sorry to see students move away, we understand that these transitions are a regular part of the International School experience.  We are here to provide you with the resources and information you need to make a smooth transition to your new school.

Once you've decided on a new school, please intimate at least two weeks prior to your child's planned withdrawal date so that the school offices have the time necessary to prepare school records and leaving certificates.

School leaving certificates and student records are released to parents when a student withdraws from the school. 

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