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Middle School

The Middle School at AISS consists of grades 6 through 8 and connects Elementary School to High School, while focusing on the needs of early adolescents.  The Middle School at AISS is a time of academic and social growth, which prepares students for the challenges in High School and beyond.

During the three years of Middle School, AISS students take a series of core academic classes which are complemented by exploratory courses.  The core subjects in the Middle School are language arts, social studies, science and mathematics.  These courses provide a foundation of skills and knowledge that allows students to progress to more rigorous challenges in High School.  In addition to the core subjects, students are also exposed to a variety of other areas, which include physical education,  Urdu, reading, computer technology, art, health and music.  These courses provide broad opportunities and exposure to the Middle School students so they can understand their personal areas of interest.

In addition to course work, Middle School students at AISS also engage in extra curricular activities.  The Middle School participates in Inter-School sporting events with International Schools in Lahore.  These include competitive teams in swimming, soccer, Tennis, Table tennis and Athletics track and field events.

AISS Middle School is a place of activity and growth.  The teachers and staff work together to develop the skills of the students in order to ensure their success at school and in life.

High School
AISS is offering O-Levels program and looking towards offering an American High School Diploma in the near future.

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