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I'm often asked what makes the American International School System distinctive. I always respond that AISS is "the best of both worlds" – a U.S. style quality education, combined with Pakistani culture and environment, taught by exceptional Pakistani and American teachers. We not only pride ourselves on having a talented and imaginative faculty capable of producing citizens who think freely and respond to reason, we pride ourselves on attracting students who long to be pushed to the heights of their abilities.

In the classroom, on our campus, in the local and global community, our students learn to reach beyond themselves, to think critically, to clarify their ideals and values and to acquire the ability, and the willingness, to make tough decisions. The process is personal but the results are very profound! We are convinced that young men and women develop self-confidence and leadership skills when they have the opportunity to face new challenges and set ambitious goals for themselves.  By taking on the opportunity of AISS, you will embark on a life changing adventure. I hope that this represents your first step, of many, in coming to know and understand AISS and I wish you the best for the new academic year.
Todd Riffle
Executive Director
The American International School System Foundation
345 Grand Avenue, Leonia, NJ 07605
(609) 346-6588 (cell)

AISS is an exceptional school. We see our mission as "Education for Life" and we believe that we assist students to progressively accept more responsibility for self-discipline, to develop self respect, to contribute to the community, to develop a love of learning and to strive for excellence.

We begin from a strong base in all areas, art, social sciences, liberal arts, and blend of US and Pakistani Curriculum. Our faculty is exceptionally gifted. In particular, I would like to recognize the excellence and dedication of our faculty.

As you know, AISS is experiencing unparalleled expansion in enrollment, new programs, and facilities, the President and all of its members, deserves credit for this success.

My mandate as Dean of Education is to help forge an academic and learning community in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. For this goal to be achieved, faculty, students, and staff must work in concert.

From these encounters I hope a collaborative process will emerge through which we can work together to take AISS to an even higher level of excellence.
Dr. Stephen  Levy Ph.D
Dean of Education


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