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AISS believes in providing nutritious and healthy meals to its students in the Cafeteria because we believe;

School Meals – a key part of the whole day!

Schools are ideal places to encourage children to eat healthier options, helping to prevent childhood obesity and other health problems. AISS experienced cafeteria staff can support you in caring for your child by following a healthy and tempting menu that meets US nutritional guidelines. Gone are the days of over-oily curries and fried foods!!! School meals have changed & now offer more than you might first imagine.

So what are the main benefits of choosing a school lunch?

• Through research it has been acknowledged that the food we eat directly affects us mentally.
• Having a balanced meal in the middle of the day will help concentration in the class room.

• During the 2008-2009 school years, recipes were modified to reduce sugar, salt and fat content and increase fiber.
• We are committed to meeting US Health, Safety and Hygiene Regulations. Staff is trained on an ongoing basis and facilities are inspected regularly the School Doctor.

• It is recommended that we eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day. On a daily basis a school meal offers vegetables, salads and fruit for children to choose, therefore helping towards the '5 a day'.
• Cafeteria meals comply with or exceed the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005, therefore ensuring a balanced meal is provided for your child.
• Reflecting the diversity of our international school, we offer foods from a variety of cultures from one day to the next.

• Eating a school meal with friends will help develop social skills. Children have the opportunity to practice table manners and learn how to make meal choices.
• We cater for vegetarians and special needs, including medical diets and religious needs.

• By eating a balanced diet children will have the energy they need for a busy day at school. Our aim is to help keep their body healthy both now and in the future.

AISS cafeteria staff always looks forward to provides healthy nutritious meals to students at a very affordable price..

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